JLanka Technologies Partners CHPB to Conduct Green Construction Workshop

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Solidifying its position as a thought leader in the Green Construction movement, JLanka Technologies partnered the Centre for Housing Planning and Building in conducting a one-day workshop on Green Construction Technology. The seminar targeted at addressing industry professionals including Engineers, Planners, Architects, Technical Officers and Contractors explored the broad theme of why Green Building Technology is important and how such techniques can be infused with the practices of the local construction industry.

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"Green concept and its importance" by Prof. Sarath Kotagama at the JLANKA-CHPB Workshop

The opening keynote was delivered by the revered Professor.Sarath Kotagama, who explored the Green concept and its importance in his speech. He delved into the difficult conversation of what is done on the level of a household and at the level of the individual to contribute to the Green movement. Highlighting the importance of conserving water and other resources, Prof.Kotagama brought to light the global state of urgency declared on preserving resources.

JLanka & CHPB Green Construction Workshop : ‘Why Green Building is Important?’ Dr. Rangika Halwatura

Following in the wake of the opening keynote, Dr. Rangika Halwatura took on the topic of ‘Why Green Building is Important?’ as the second session for the day. In his insightful delivery of the subject, Dr. Halwatura shared the advanced technology evident in historic Sri Lankan construction technology. Demonstrating the work he has completed in the area of reviving traditional technology to address contemporary challenges, Dr. Halwatura introduced his project on Mud Concrete and Mud Bricks. The revolutionary project spearheaded by Dr. Halwatura develops a low-cost, durable, Green building material for use in a broad scope of use cases.

JLanka & CHPB Green Construction Workshop : Dr Laksiri Pradeep

The focus on Green Building as a practical concept set the ideal prelude for the two sessions, which were conducted by Dr. Laksiri Pradeep and Engineer. Nalin Karunasinghe, respectively. Dr. Pradeep is a lecturer in the department of Civil Engineering at the Open University and Engineer. Karunasinghe is the Head of R&D at JLanka Technologies.

Delivering their sessions on the topics of ‘Green Building Techniques in the Modern World’ and ‘Renewable Energy in Green Building,’ the esteemed presenters explored the solutions available both on a global setting and a local one.

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