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A new joint report by UNDP and ADB Assessment of Sri Lanka’s Power Sector – 100% Electricity Generation through Renewable Energy by 2050

This joint UNDP and Asia Development Bank report ‘Initial Asessment of Sri Lanka’s Power Sector – Electricity Generation through 100 per cent Renewable Energy’ describes the technical challenges to meet this ambitious 100 per cent renewables target and how this target could be financed.


5 months ago | by Editor

Engineer’s Role in Renewable Energy Utilization in Sri Lanka

Abstract of the Video

The origin of energy used by the world is solar. The pre-historic human being used solar, the very original form of energy, to meet the energy needs. With the development of technology, he changed the mode of energy, where instead of using the energy received by him from the sun right at the time of use, he had to wait millions of years to use it as petroleum resources explored from the earth core. (more…)

10 months ago | by Editor

World Wildlife Day 2017

On the 3rd of March 2017 World Wildlife Day will be celebrated under the theme “Listen to the Young Voices” in order to encourage the young generation, our future leaders and decision makers of the world to act as both local and global levels to protect endangered wildlife. (more…)

11 months ago | by Editor

JLANKA TECHNOLOGIES Leads Sri Lanka’s Climate Change Battle

Climate change is the number one threat facing our planet today. The potential impacts on our natural environment, health and global economy are devastating in the near future.  Mass deaths due to severe storms, famine and pollution are already evident across the globe. The time to act is long overdue! (more…)

12 months ago | by Editor

Partnering Innovation - JLanka Partners Workshop on Photovoltaic Technology

Following through on the vision to partner and support innovative technology, JLanka Technologies partnered the workshop on photovoltaics held at the University of Kelaniya (more…)

1 year ago | by Editor

Net Metering — An Investment in Solar Energy

Investment on electricity bills

Investment on electricity bills are beneficial for anyone looking to not only offset the cost of their current electricity bill, but even net a profit (more…)

1 year ago | by Editor

US & Europe Fire Safety standard solar solutions now in Sri Lanka

JLanka Technologies in pursuit of increasing integration, energy efficiency, environmental awareness, and technological advancements through its products and services is now advocating (more…)

1 year ago | by Editor

JLanka Technologies Partners CHPB to Conduct Green Construction Workshop

Solidifying its position as a thought leader in the Green Construction movement, JLanka Technologies partnered the Centre for Housing Planning and Building (more…)

2 years ago | by Editor

Floods; Where We Went Wrong- Part 6

With the repercussions of the floods still ringing in our ears, of tales of submerged cars, lost certificates, damaged houses and the rise in mosquitoes we bring to an end this series. (more…)

2 years ago | by Editor

Floods; Where We Went Wrong- Part 5

We have dealt with relocation, reverse encroachment and the monitoring of waste disposal from factories; the first three steps proposed by Dr. Pradeep to mitigate the damage (more…)

2 years ago | by Editor

Floods; Where We Went Wrong- Part 4

Searching amongst the debris for valuables lost and trying to get back on their feet, the thousands affected by the floods are still reeling from the shock of being marooned (more…)

2 years ago | by Editor

Floods; Where We Went Wrong- Part 3

From the warning issued on the 14th of May when the depression first caught our attention all the way to the end of the month the country witnessed the force with which floods (more…)

2 years ago | by Editor

Floods; Where We Went Wrong- Part 2

Continuing from our blog series on the floods that the country faced the past month, with thousands displaced and people still recovering from the property damage and loss of life, (more…)

2 years ago | by Editor

Floods; Where We Went Wrong- Part 1

At the recently held Megapolis summit a topic that attracted much attention was the floods the country was facing.   (more…)

2 years ago | by Editor