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International Technology Roadmap for Photovoltaic (ITRPV) – 2016 Results including maturity report

The photovoltaic (PV) industry needs to provide power generation products that can compete with both conventional energy sources and other renewable sources of energy. An international technology roadmap can help to identify trends and to define requirements for any necessary improvements.  (more…)

2 weeks ago | by Editor

Sanity Has Prevailed – No More Coal Power Plants

Sri Lanka and those of us who have battled for decades to highlight the dangers posed by use of coal for power generation, both for the environment in general and the health of the people without exception, can at last heave a sigh of relief. It is hardly necessary to emphasize that Sri Lanka not having any indigenous coal reserves, had no compulsion to even consider this option until all other options are exhausted. In the recent years the whole world including those countries with vast coal reserves on their own, are opting out of this option. But let that be a matter in the past. (more…)

5 months ago | by Editor

The future of Energy Supply is here, do you want to be apart of it?

JLanka Technologies, well known as the premier solar provider in Sri Lanka, having won numerous awards nationally and internationally, with offices in every major urban area provides valuable connections and resources. A major highlight for the organization will be introducing Utility Scale Solar PV Project Planning by leading the path to Renewable Energy for our nation. (more…)

10 months ago | by Editor

MESC Lecture Series on Energy

MESC Lecture Series on Energy is an attempt to bring much needed awareness to engineers and the public to create an informed dialog about Sri Lanka’s future energy policy. (more…)

2 years ago | by Editor